Friday, February 1, 2013

English Vinglish

Today, 1st February 2013 is a public holiday in Mauritius ..yupeeeee :) but the atmosphere  was humid so we had to forget about outdoor activities:(. As we sat down in our living room with nothing specific  to do the thought of watching a nice movie came up, from a long list came by stroke of luck English Vinglish, a Bollywood movie released in 2012 directed by a debutante named as Gauri Shinde.

Story by:   Gauri Shinde

Starring : Sridevi, Mehdi Nebbou,Priya Anand, Adil Hussain

Story: Shashi Godbole (Sridevi) is a middle-aged housewife who loves cooking and as a hobby makes and sells laddoos. She is a dedicated woman towards her family and does everything to make them happy but is often looked down by her husband Satish (Adil Hussain) and daughter as she is not good at speaking english.

Shashi's niece(i.e her sister daughter) living in new york is getting married so she is invited to attend the wedding. So,her family planned to send her prior to them as she would help with the preparations. She's afraid to go alone but nevertheless does.While Shashi is in New York,she becomes embarassed when her lack of English causes chaos in a local coffee shop so she secretly enrolls herself into an English classes that promises to teach the language in four weeks.

While going to classes she starts making friends and there comes a special one named Laurent (Mehdi Nebbou)a french chef.She starts getting more confidence and begin to value herself.To know the rest of her life you should definitely take 133 mins of your busy life and check it out.

My personal opinion:A simple, nice, fabulous, straightforward, lighthearted and honest movie. There was no exaggeration in terms of frills. I felt this movie close to reality be it the way her husband and children looked down upon her , to the scene where she goes to the cafeteria and even when she registers herself for english classes this could be related to any housewife life. Even the dialogues and screenplay seems so real you would feel its actually someone real life behind the camera.

The atmosphere that was picturised in the english class was awesome and I loved her niece support to her,definetely a plus to the movie(i loved their bonding).

Sridevi made her comeback to Bollywood after 15 years but this is not felt at all. She is confident in front of the camera and does full justice to her character. Everyone is great in their roles and the direction also is flawless.

I was hesistant to watch it at first but hmm.. I was sooo wrong. So, here is an indian movie not to miss.

Plus point: Sridevi acting :)

Negative point : I felt as a mum Shashi had the power of scolding her daughter when she was rude to her but she does nothing. That's the only thing i didn't like.

Best Scenes:




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boys Over Flowers

Type: Comedy, Romantic, Youth, School 
No of episodes : 25
Rating: 9/10  - special to me as it was my first K drama

Story: Who don't know the famous F4 :), it is actually a gang named formed by 4 rich boys: 
Goo Jun Pyo(Lee Min Ho), the heir of the global corporation ShinHwa Group, Yoon Ji Hoo(Kim Hyun Joong), Soh Yi Jung(Kim Bum) , and Song Woo Bin(Kim Joon) ..  who attends the same school and owned by Jun Pyo mother. They bully everyone at  school, there comes Geum Jan Di,a daring poor student that reply back the F4 boys. The leader is shocked by her reaction and starts falling for me. On the other way there's one boy in the F4,Yoon Ji Hoon different from the others  that always helped her, she starts having feelings for him but he's already committed. The story is not mainly focused on a love triangle but mainly shows how the Jun Pyo and Geum Jan di fight for their love.

My personal opinion: Trendy, fashionable, high budget drama they don't miss one single time to focus on this point (Jun Pyo comes to school on a helicopter) lol.. there are times when you will laugh + cry +... there are fights and romantic moments (it contains all the ingredients that a nice drama should have).. the F4 boys are truly classy, they fit in their character. The chemistry is great be it between two main leads and F4 boys. This drama  in a sort contributed  to add-on more emphasis to the "Korean wave" so don't miss it. It had great ratings and were appreciated by everyone.

Plus point : Of course Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho, i just love them.. and ss501 cameo "am your man" - filmed at episode 4

Negative point :  The wardrobe of the actress they were not up to my choice and her character as the drama progresses it becomes a bit foolish. 

Best Moments: Beware contains spoiler
The best phone call dialogue ever

Kim Hyun Joong :6 pack (my reaction: i fell off the chair )

3. Super cute scene

You're Beautiful

Type: Comedy, Romantic, Youth 
No of episodes : 16
Rating: 10/10  - super like (1st in my favourite drama list) 

Story : It all start with showing a cute Go Mi Nam (Park Shin-hye) in a church wanting to a nun but life takes another turn for her when she has to replace her twin brother appointed as a singer for a popular band name A.N.JELL. Mi Nam disguises herself as a boy and enters the band and meet its members: Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Keun-suk) ,Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong-hwa) and Jeremy(Lee Hongki) . The drama revolves around how she hides her real identity from everyone with the help of Hwang Tae Kyung. 

My personal opinion : Entertaining, have a great pace, you wouldn't find yourself getting bored with anything, all the characters are lovable ..Though it has a simple story, the acting and direction makes it a great one. The chemistry between Jang Keun-suk and Park Shin-hye is awesome maybe because they are really close in real life, I truly ship for these two, they are my favourite couple. Hongki(F.T. Island group main lead singer) is super duper cute in this one , with his dog Jolieeeeee :). If u r a kdrama addict don't miss this ,if the story doesn't appeal you, watch it definitely for the handsome and cute guys of A.N.JELL.

Plus point : 1. Definitely the osts- "without words" sang by both sukii and Park Shin-hye themselves  , "I'll promise you" ... just check them out.
                   2. Hwang Tae Kyung character is different .. nihahahaha :)

Negative point : None

Best Moments: Beware contains spoiler 
Jeremy thinks he is becoming gay as he starts having some attractions for Go Mi Nam :)
When he came to know that she's a girl reaction :)
Best advertisement done by A.N.Jell description with Live Demo :)
Cute reaction when Go Mi nam gives him 100/100 points :)

5. Enjoying the countryside 
 Before reality strikes

When reality strikes.. nihahahahaha

Monday, January 21, 2013

Suggestion for Korean Drama

Korean Drama

Let's start by how i discovered Korean dramas,I came up to it by chance on YouTube and my luck it was Boys Over Flower /xd one of the famous K drama. So as from then I was hooked , there was no turning back I became a certified k drama addicts.  

This is based on my personal choice , and at times dramas that have great ratings disappoint me and those that  doesn't i just love them, it depends...If ever u readers found out I haven't watched 
any nice one. Please do suggest me :) i would love to watch them .

Please click on the drama  names to read further...

1. You're Beautiful

2. Boys Over Flowers

3. Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss

4. Goong/Princess Hours 

5.Personal Taste

6. Pasta

7. My Princess

9.My lovely kim Sam-soon/ My Lovely Sam-soon

10. The moon that embraces the sun

11. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

12. Scent of a woman 

13. City Hunter

14. You've fallen for me/ Heartstrings/ Falling in love

15. Love Rain

16. Lie to me

17. Mary stayed out all night

18. The king 2 hearts
19. Coffee Prince/ The 1st shop of coffee prince

20. Protect the boss

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello everyone!!

Yuppeee :) finally i have my personal blog and this is my first post ... Im soo happpy :) nihahahahahaha i was pestering everyone around me that we needed to create a space for us to write about things we like, finally i am the one taking the first step.

Everyone is welcomed to comments about all the posts and point out their views ... 

P.S. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight :)